Cubs & Scouts

Hunsdon Cubs meet 6:15 - 7:45pm
Hunsdon Scouts meet 8:00 - 9:30pm
on Fridays in Hunsdon Village Hall
Hunsdon Beavers meet 6:15 - 7:15
on Tuesdays in Hunsdon Village Hall


Many of you will know by now that we have established a new Beaver Colony and we are pleased to report that it is positively thriving. The section has about 20 Beavers, girls and boys aged 6-8 years and is run by Badger (Simon Roberts), Mole (Terase Hunt) and Otter (Fiona Norris).

So what has the Group been up to recently? In April Hunsdon Scout Group attended St George's Day celebrations in Ware with a service in church, followed by parade to Ware Priory where promises were renewed in glorious sunshine. Every year, at the end of the ceremony, the Peter Geer Trophy is awarded to the group with the most points for attendance at specified events for their section. Hunsdon Beavers, being a new section, did not have the opportunity of attending all their events, but having turned out in such force for their Easter Eggstravaganza, earned the Group the maximum of 10 points for that particular event. Unfortunately Scouts missed out at The Bowls Gala, and the Heavyweight Competition, but scored well in 5 other events during the year, especially in the Cooking Competition, and Green Beret where they scored most across all Patrols in the District.

Cubs also did brilliantly well, and having attended every event with good numbers, scored the highest points among all Cubs packs in the Ware District. This is a fantastic result for the group, and we are very grateful to all the young people and their families for their support

If you know a young person who would like to join us please contact one of the leaders. In particular our Beaver Colony (for boys and girls aged 6 to 8) and Scout Troop (10½ to 14½) currently have vacancies.

Simon Roberts, Badger (Beavers)
Karen Osterley, Akela (Cubs): 07971 753193
Martin Hunt, (Scouts)


Hunsdon Tigers have just competed in the annual Oxley Shield camping competition. Our team of Molly Harris, Nathan Whyatt, Kitty Povey, Grace Dunstan, Dylan Rix and Jessica Bull, who had worked so hard brushing up their Scouting skills and learning how to cook their supper, were rewarded with first place and brought back the massive shield – so massive that at the time of writing we are not even sure whether it will fit in the cabinet! The Oxley Shield competition has been running in Ware and District since 1929 when it was presented to the district by Group Captain Oxley (a former ADC & Vice President). For the first 20 years the shield was won by various Wolf Cub packs from Ware or Wareside. Great Amwell Cubs won 3 years in a row (1950-1952), and during the next 30 years Braughing, Buntingford and Thundridge also made appearances but Ware packs dominated. Hunsdon Cubs got their name on the trophy for the first time in 1998. Hunsdon were successful again in 2000 and 2004 but the trophy has been tantalisingly out of reach for a few years, until this time! The cubs were under competition conditions all day while they were tested on their knotting, emergency aid, map skills, pioneering, tracking, tent pitching, fire lighting and then cooking supper and clearing up.

After a busy day on the bases, at 8.00 pm we all trooped off into the woods with our camp blankets for the traditional campfire gathering. Now, getting up to sing in front of a hundred people is a scary business, so we were all a bit bothered about who was going to be brave enough to lead our contribution, but we didn’t have anything to worry about because Ellen came to our rescue with a tuneful rendition of the Scout version of Five in a Bed!

There were five in a bed, and the little one said, "Roll over, roll over."
So they all rolled over and one fell out and bumped his head and blood came out.
"Please remember to tie a knot in your pyjamas"
Single beds are only made for one, two, three, four......

Molly’s dad Chris, who camped with us, had stoked up our alterfire before we left, so when we returned we had a huddle round the fire and warmed up with hot chocolate before hopping into our sleeping bags. The boys won the race to get to sleep, and even told Akela they were planning on a lie in. However, Akela, being experienced at these things now, just knew that wasn’t happening, and true to form they were all awake bright and early at 6.30 am! Sleeping came into the score too, and the team and our site were also inspected by the Assistant District Commissioner. Fortunately, just a couple of badges the wrong way round and one beany chin were all that she picked up. Quotes from the team:

I was delighted when I was chosen as team leader for the Oxley Shield competition but as the day approached I began to feel nervous. Although the weather was not looking good the team did not let that spoil the weekend. I really enjoyed doing the assault course, map & compass and the mini pioneering and was very proud of my team for working so well together!! It was a very cold night but we had a delicious dinner which we all prepared and a big breakfast which kept us going! It was an amazing experience and I am pleased we won and I would like to thank everyone who helped us. Molly (10)

I’m pretty pleased it didn’t rain that much until the end. I think the bit I will remember most will be waiting for the lady that was going to have to announce the overall winner. My favourite bit was probably cooking and actually getting the shield! Last time we’d got the shield was ten years ago! Grace (8)

The obstacle course was good and I enjoyed making the dinner. The scariest bit was when the big party tent where we were doing the handicraft lifted off in the wind when we were still inside! And of course I liked winning!!! Kitty (9)

I liked doing the doing the obstacle course where you had to carry water without spilling it, and I liked winning! Jess (8) All of it was brilliant but I especially liked lighting the fire and cooking. Dylan (8)

If you would like to help us continue to offer these sorts of experiences to the young people in Hunsdon, please consider stepping up to help. Hunsdon Cubs needs two more leaders urgently. Please contact Karen Osterley (07971 753193/01279 841247) or our Group Scout Leader Gwen Norris (07891 269702)