Hunsdon Exchange

Do you have something you no longer need but think someone else could use?

Are you happy to have a 'pre-used' item rather than buy new?

Then the Hunsdon Exchange may be for you.

If you have an item you no longer need, then please fill in the form below and it will appear on the list. If you see something on the list that you want, then make contact with the person who's offering it using the means of contact stated to agree price (if any) and collection. Once it has been exchanged then the seller / donor should remove it from the list - it's as simple as that.

Add an item

Your personal reference for this item (eg Peter's old bike). Make a note of this so you can remove the item from the list later
Price (enter 'offers' or 'nil' if you're happy to give away)
How do you want people to contact you (eg phone or email)
Now re-enter the personal reference exactly as used above (as a security measure)

Remove an item

Your personal reference for the item you now want to remove
If you have forgotten this then please drop an email to

Test entryn/aTest entry
TV stand, glass doors, shelf inside'nil'
Solid pine chest of
Solid pine junior wardrobe with
Low Profile Patient Bed£350 - ONOCal 01279843600
Single metal frame bedoffers01279 842813
Junior bed, whitewash woodnil01279 841079
Approx. 25 large rockery rocks. Clean . Must be collectedFree07940748555 - Brian
Natural oak dining table and 6 chairs. £160

Fewer trips to the dump!

Fewer trips to the shops!

Go green!

Save money!

Conditions of use

  1. This forum for non-business use only, and for the exchange of goods which are wholly inoffensive The administrators of this website (Hunsdon Parish Council) reserve the right to remove from the list any item which, in their view, does not comply with these conditions
  2. This forum is used entirely at your own risk. Hunsdon Parish Council will accept no responsibility in the event of any loss suffered as a result of the transaction of goods, or for the quality of goods exchanged using this forum
  3. Hunsdon Parish Council reserve the right to remove from the list any item which has been on the list for a very long time. In general items will be removed after 3 months
  4. The Parish Council reserves the right to follow-up any abuse.