graphic of a heart superimposed with a monitor trace

What is a defib(rillator)?

It’s a device for re-establishing a normal heartbeat when someone has just suffered a heart attack. You see them around in most public places and workplaces. Once applied to the patient their operation is completely automatic and anyone can use one with minimal instruction. Thanks to the personal initiative of a few individuals, Hunsdon has a defibrillator that is always accessible, and the necessary training is available (free of charge) from a qualified first-aid instructor, Justin Honey-Jones, contactable at

graphic of a defibrillator

Shouldn’t I just call an ambulance?

Yes – someone should call an ambulance, but time is absolutely critical when someone has suffered a heart attack – look at the figure below.
If you were trained and knew how to access the defib, then you could save the life of a relation, friend or other loved one. Or maybe they could save your life.
Think about it…
graphic showing chance of success against minutes elapsed before defibrillator applied. 80% chance between 1 and 2 minutes, 60% chance at 4 minutes, 20% chance between 7 and 8 minutes, virtually no chance between 10 and 11 minutes

If you have already been trained then this video should serve as a useful reminder for using the defibrillator