The Parish Council provides the first level of local government, and has three main responsibilities:

  • to represent the views of parishioners on issues that are passed down to it by the East Herts District Council, with a particular responsibility to comment on local Planning Applications†. Click  here to read the Parish Council’s policy on reviewing Planning Applications
  • to provide a route for matters of concern within the village to be passed up to the relevant authorities
  • to make good use of the precept (the ‘parish’ element of household rates). The Council may be able to make a grant from the precept to village organisations for a specific purpose. If you wish to make an application for a grant then please contact the Parish Clerk

†The immediate neighbours to the site of any Planning Application will receive details of the application from EH Council and be invited to register any comments. However everyone has the right to register their comments – either in support or against a specific proposal. All Planning Applications are accessible through the 

Planning section of the EH website together with details of the procedure for submitting comments.

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