“And so … ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.” John F. Kennedy 1961

Our Community

Is there a sense of community in Hunsdon? Most residents do not hesitate to answer “yes” and the fact that the village has twice won the overall prize in the Hertfordshire Village of the Year competition and awarded first prize in the in the 2004-5 Community Life category for the whole of Eastern England and Home Counties region perhaps confirms what many of us have known all along. We hope the content of this website provides some sense of that community spirit; this page provides links to a few elements of service that are important to our community:

Useful Links

Footpaths and Rights of Way Mobile Library
Refuse Collection Police
Village Defib(rillator) Links to other services
CVSBEH Community Car Scheme CVSBEH Furniture Recycling Scheme

Local and Central Government

Government affects us all through the rules it imposes on us and on the services it provides for us. Thankfully, in a democracy, we can determine who governs us, both at the Local Government level and through Central Government. Run your cursor over these boxes for more information, or click on the links to local community services at the foot of the page:

Hunsdon Parish Council   ⇒   East Herts Council   ⇒   Herts County Council   ⇒   Central Government