East Hertfordshire has one of the lowest crime rates throughout the country, yet we are all wary of crime affecting our everyday lives. Most of us would like to see a more visible police presence in the village but acknowledge the difficulties facing the local force in deploying their limited resources to greatest effect. In recent years Hunsdon Parish Council has frequently expressed concerns to the Area Commissioner over the low level of deterrence policing and – although we will never see the return of the ‘village bobby’ – several initiatives have been taken to address these concerns. In particular, the number of uniforms covering our rural area has been doubled from two to four and, under the new national Police Pledge, they are required to be on their beat for 80% of their working shift.

In association with East Herts Council, Hertfordshire Constabulary have formed ‘Neighbourhood Teams’ comprising officers with specific responsibility for a local area. The team covering Hunsdon is:

Inspector Chris Hunt Tel 01992-533127
Sgt Duncan Wallace Tel 01992-533120
PC Nicola Hunt Tel 01992-533160
PCSO Karen Broad Tel 01992-533160
Bishop’s Stortford Police Station Tel 0845-3300222
All Hertfordshire police officers can be contacted by radio when on duty by dialling 01707-354192 or calling the non-emergency ‘101’ number

The success of the Neighbourhood Team is highly dependent on people in rural areas being watchful, and prepared to alert the police if they are suspicious or worried – so please help yourselves by helping our local police

More information about our police Neighbourhood Team can be accessed by clicking here.

There is a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme operating – click on the link here for details

Herts Constabulary have their own website at http://www.herts.police.uk

At the request of the Parish Council, the team prepares a monthly report of crime incidents reported and dealt with in Hunsdon. This is reviewed at Parish Council meetings, in order that Councillors and parishioners can monitor the statistics. The most recent crime report is here