Coronavirus (Covid-19)

A statement of information and support from your local civic and faith leaders.

As your local councillors, we met with a number of fellow residents recently to discuss the local situation regarding the Covid-19 Coronavirus. We are hugely impressed by the willingness of people nationally and locally to offer help during this time of crisis and by the lead that Victoria Burton posted on the Community Hub and have agreed to support her initiative. A leaflet will be distributed shortly to every household and posted on our website and Facebook pages offering support and giving phone contact details.

A core team will coordinate requests for support and organise assistance through volunteer neighbours.

The current advice from the Government is now well known, to avoid social contact especially those over 70 or with certain conditions and for whole households to self -isolate for 14 days when someone has symptoms. We are all now in uncharted territory. There will be regular updates from Government, Public Health England and the NHS and the best way to keep up to date with advice is via the TV channels and their websites. Information on Social Media sites may be useful but is best treated with caution.

The band of volunteers will be helping those in need in Hunsdon in the forthcoming days and weeks . But if you are helping a vulnerable family member, neighbour or friend please take care not to inadvertently spread the disease by coming into contact with those who have the symptoms and spreading to others.

We suggest that, if running an errand (e.g. food supplies, prescription), it will be safer to leave items on the doorstep and phone them to tell them they are there and keep a safe distance. People should also be aware that there are a few scams already operating to persuade people to part with cash. We advise residents to be on guard and deal only with people you know,

A large number of us, as well as helping others, will be in need of help ourselves at some point in the coming months. We all need to stay safe together and follow the official guidance.

Many local events and meetings are now being cancelled. Let us hope and pray that our community can come out of this strong and intact and that we are able to enjoy one another’s company again before too long.

As a community let us work to ensure that our vulnerable residents are given ample support and assistance through these coming weeks of isolation.

Hunsdon Parish Council

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