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The Hunsdon Local History and Preservation Society

Registered Charity No. 801648

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This Society formally took shape in 1980 with the intention of providing a group which would attempt to inform local residents and others in matters
of historical interest in the Village. The group also takes an interest in conservation matters in the Village to try to preserve the historic
aspects of the Village like the Conservation Area.

Since an RAF airfield was built outside the Village during the last war the Village had been very much involved with the continuous movement of people into
and from the airfield. As a result this Village became and still is a very friendly Village. The relatively recent publication about the RAF in
Hunsdon from 1941 to 1945 shows this involvement.

To fulfill the aspirations of the Society it arranges a variety of speakers to talk to gatherings of members about subjects of historic interest
within the Village area and outside. These talks invariably take place in the Village Hall which is within easy walking distance of most residences.
The Society also arranges visits to places of historic interest outside the Village a few times a year, sometimes travelling by coach and where
near enough, in the member’s own cars. Meetings take place about eight times during the year.

Three books have been published by the Society. The first was written by a group of enthusiasts before the formation of the present Society in 1980, and is
about the history of Hunsdon and Widford. It is currently still in print and available at £3 per book to members and £3.50 to non-members.
The second was written by Fred and Vera Hitching about the RAF at Hunsdon in the period 1941 to 1945. Although out of print for many
years the book has recently been reprinted and is currently available at £9.50 per book (£9 to members). The third is called “Hunsdon Heritage” written
by Gladys Palmer, a member of the Society for many years and is about the historic houses in the Village, many still there, albeit in some cases under
a different name. This book is still available at £3.50 per copy (£3 to members).

Membership of the Society is by a subscription of £5 per year, payable at the beginning of the year. The AGM of the Society takes place in February
of each year and the Society year ends in December with a Christmas party, preceded by a suitable talk by a visiting speaker.