Annual Parish Meeting 2023

The Annual Parish Meeting will take place in person at Hunsdon Village Hall on May 15, 2023 at 7.30pm.

You can download and read the agenda here.

The Hunsdon Parish Council meeting will take place immediately afterwards at 8.30pm.

You can download and read the agenda here.

We remind you that all are welcome to attend. To attend, please contact the clerk by phone on 01920 870809 or via email at


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  1. Hi

    Is it within the Parish Councils remit to look into the lack of road sweeping in Hunsdon?

    Last night (9th May 2023) the High Street at the junction with Acorn Street was flooding to the point of having breached the pavement, on the Village Hall side, and getting very near to entering the gardens.

    My neighbour and I went out with brooms to see if we anything was obstructing the drains. There was a massive amount of dirt, grass, pine cones, litter etc and once this was pushed out of the way the water started to subside. We had to use a shovel to remove the debris and placed this either on the pavement or in the lane on our side of the High Street. The debris in the gutters is without doubt causing a major problem. When I contacted Herts Council about the road sweeping during the previous flooding, I was told we were on a 3 month road sweep, but the problem was parked cars. Can the Parish Council look into the possibility of at least getting the sweeping organised so that this issue does not keep happening?

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