The sound of church bells ringing is deeply rooted in the British culture. Almost everyone in Britain lives within hearing range of bells.
Hunsdon and Widford churches are blessed with a peel of good bells. Unfortunately, both villages have very few people able to ring. When you hear the local bells ringing, most of the ringers come from elsewhere. In order the skills are not lost in our villages, it would be good to develop a team of ringers from Hunsdon and Widford. We have people who are new to ringing, it would be good to extend that number. We would really like to hear from anyone who can ring a church bell or those interested in learning a new skill. Yes, it is free to learn! If you would like further information please contact Andrew Blackshaw 07715771246 or Bob Barker 01279 842821.
We must not be the generation that allows this traditional skill to die in our villages!



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