crime scene do not cross signage

ANSTEY  – Theft from motor vehicle (number plates).  Criminal Damage

HORMEAD    – no reported crimes

BRENT PELHAM & MEESDEN  – No reported crimes

STOCKING PELHAM  – Theft of motor vehicle

FURNEUX PELHAM – No reported Crimes

ALBURY – No crimes reported

LITTLE HAHDAM – Bury Green – Criminal damage to a motor vehicle


3x Theft from Motor Vehicle Tools Taken

2x Theft from Motor Vehicle Number plates

1x Criminal Damage to a motor vehicle


WIDFORD – No reported crimes.

WARESIDE – 1x Criminal Damage


2x Burglary Non Dwelling

1x Theft of Motor Vehicle

BRAUGHING  – CRIMINAL DAMAGE Greenhill close, tyre cut on vehicle.


1x Theft from Motor Vehicle

1x Vehicle interference

Other news and updates:

  • LOCAL POLICING PRIORITY set objective  – To address threats to livestock and pets in and around the WESTLAND GREEN area.
  • The next OWL sign up event is on Sunday 16th July 2023.

Use the police non-emergency number 101 to report incidents directly. This is the most effective and efficient way to contact police.



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