crime scene do not cross signage

ANSTEY  – no reported crimes

HORMEAD   – no reported crimes

BRENT PELHAM & MEESDEN1 x Criminal Damage

STOCKING PELHAM  – no reported crimes

FURNEUX PELHAM – 1 X Theft of Motor Vehicle

ALBURY – 1 x Dangerous Dogs Act

LITTLE HAHDAM – 1 X Theft From Motor Vehicle

MUCH HADHAM – 1 X Theft From Motor Vehicle

HUNSDON – no reported crimes

WIDFORD – 1 X Vehicle Interference

WARESIDE – 1 X Theft of Motor Vehicle

EASTWICK & GILSTON  – 1 x Burglary

BRAUGHING = 1 X Criminal Damage


Other news and updates:

Burglaries seem to be on the increase, this is dwelling and non dwelling, so please make sure you leave your properties secure and valuables are not left easily in view or accessible, Take down serial numbers and keep safe, mark your property with a marker pen or look on line for other methods of identifying your items, take photo’s of jewellery and upload to your email or the cloud so it can be accessed from any of your devices, if you just save it to a device and it is stolen so are your pictures.

Keyless car thefts nationally continue to be trending. On most makes of vehicle, keyless entry can be disabled. Alternatively, ensure car keys, particularly any spare keys, are secured in a signal blocking/Faraday pouch when not in use. Hiding the keys in a metal tin can also restrict the signal from vehicle keys.

Your local policing teams are continuing regular patrols in hotspot areas at key times.

Please continue to report suspicious vehicles that may be seen driving around in your area. If you are able to record the MAKE, COLOUR and REGISTRATION number of the vehicle, that would be very helpful.

Additional Crime Prevention Advice can be found via this link:



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