Hunsdon Eastwick and Gilston Neighbourhood Plan Group

Dear Resident,


As you may know, we have submitted our local Neighbourhood Plan for the Gilston Area to East Herts Council and it is now open to public consultation until 15th September 2020. The public consultation is being conducted by East Herts Council and full details are on its website  

The Plan itself is also on our own website at along with all the ancillary documents which go with it. If you would prefer a paper version of the Plan, please contact Frank O’Shea or Janine Bryant on the numbers below and we will drop one in to you.

The Gilston Area covers all three parishes: the whole of Eastwick and Gilston and part of Hunsdon. East Herts’ District Plan 2018 released a massive area of Green Belt and allocated 10,000 new houses in our neighbourhood plus major infrastructure development as part of the Harlow and Gilston Garden Town initiative. While we cannot change that decision, our Neighbourhood Plan will play a key role in making sure East Herts and the landowners make good their promises to deliver developments of exceptional quality. The Plan demands protection for the landscape, heritage and the essential quality of living for both the existing community and future residents.

After this public consultation, the Plan will go to Independent Examination by a Planning Inspector who will review it and all the comments on it from the landowners and other bodies  but also from you the residents of the area. Your voice will carry weight and if you support your Neighbourhood Plan and what it does, it is important to tell East Herts, by:

 Please help to protect the future of your local Neighbourhood!

Frank O’Shea 07795814320 and Janine Bryant 01279 635198

July 2020



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