Hunsdon Parish Council Minerals Plan response

Hunsdon Parish Council has responded to the Regulation 18 consultation for the Hertfordshire Draft Minerals and Waste Local Plan 2040.

You can download and read the covering letter for the response here, and the full response outlining the principal objections here.

The covering letter is reproduced below:

Dear Sirs,

Hertfordshire County Council Draft Minerals and Waste Local Plan 2040

Regulation 18 Consultation

Following a public meeting called to discuss the Draft Plan, the Parish Council resolved, at its meeting on 17th October, to respond to the consultation expressing in the strongest possible terms the opposition of the community to the designation of the Briggens Estate (Olives Farm) as a Minerals Allocation Site. Neither the need for the quantity of sand and gravel or the selection of extraction sites are justified under Policy 2. The Plan is therefore unsound.

We have attached a document setting down our principal objections.

The Parish Council also resolved to object to the Safeguarding of the two Waste Management Sites in the parish identified in the Draft Plan Policies Maps. These sites represent a continuing environmental nuisance and increase risk of accidents to those using our country lanes. This issue is also covered in the attached document.

Councillor Eric Buckmaster has kindly agreed to a meeting in the new year with members and officers and our representatives at which we will be seeking amendments to the Plan that remove the threat to our community of Briggens Estate MAS.

Yours Faithfully,

Carole Page, Clerk



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