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Hertfordshire Constabulary launched the ECHO service in 2019 to help local communities let the police know what they should be focusing on – but Police have asked residents to make sure they’re contacting the right organisation with their road concerns.

The feedback from the ECHO form is automatically analysed and considered at each Local Policing Priorities forum meeting and is considered for the following quarterly policing plan.

The most recent meeting on March 24, 2021 identified speeding as an issue and the local Safer Neighbourhood Team are actively conducting mobile speed checks in the areas highlighted as best they can throughout their current duties.

ECHO is a one-way communication platform which means the police are unable to contact each person directly with regards to their comments.

The police are always eager to hear from local communities, but much of the feedback they have received includes other road issues which the police have no control over. Examples are:

  • Wider pavements
  • Poor traffic signs
  • Improved or increased traffic calming measures

Herts Police have urged residents to contact the Highways Department directly for a more speedy resolution to these concerns.


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