Hunsdon Road Speed Sign

As covered in the Bishop’s Stortford Independent

All Hunsdon residents want our roads to be as safe as possible, and our new environmentally-friendly signs will help do just that.

Hunsdon Parish Council recently won funding from Hertfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner’s Road Safety Fund to install two solar powered speed indicators, with the cash coming from speeding fines collected across the county.

The new signs on the B180 approaches to the village centre in Stanstead Road and Widford Road aren’t regulatory and aimed at driver behaviour. They work by flashing up the speed of drivers as they pass.

They also show a Smiling or Frowning Face to let motorists know if they’re driving within the speed limit or breaking the law by exceeding it.

Councillor Bob Toll said: “This solar-powered speed indicator will help keep drivers, cyclists and pedestrians safe in Hunsdon by making motorists aware of their speeds.

“The sign won’t have any light impact on local residents and as an extra bonus the sign is solar-powered – so it won’t be adding to Hunsdon’s carbon footprint.

“Hunsdon Parish Council will continue to lobby Herts County Council to improve road safety in Hunsdon as this is a number one bugbear for Hunsdon residents”

The signs were installed just before Easter and were activated soon after the solar panels settled to help improve the battery life.



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