Wheelie Bins

As part of an economy cut by East Herts Council, there will be a change to your brown waste collection.

From April 1 this year, you will have to pay a fee to continue to use your brown waste bin. The cost will be £49 for a year (starting 2021/22), but there’s a £4 discount if you sign up by direct debit before March 15.

You can read the report from East Herts Council here and a full list of Frequently Asked Questions here.

If you need a second brown bin, the bin itself will cost £35, while collection will be another £49.

If you don’t want to pay the charge, you will have to dispose of your own garden waste and use the black bin for food or – and we’d very much recommend this – home compost it.

You can read all about how to get started with home composting here with some great offers on compost converters, rainsaver kits and kitchen caddy liners to help you get going available here.



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