The Crown in Hunsdon

The Healthy Hub East Herts Guide to Living with Lockdown resources have been recently been updated

There are new sections and links providing to help with connecting residents, reducing isolation, community projects, enabling good mental wellbeing at work and new digital skills training opportunities.

Check out the individual links below

Wholesome and healthy food

Keeping active and well

Combined resources for physical activity at home and healthy eating from Hertfordshire Families First

Mental wellbeing

Lots of resources for all ages including links to downloadable apps from Hertfordshire Families First

Local mental health and wellbeing support

Please see the Healthy Hub East Herts local partners section about the services they offer

Mental health and wellbeing at work

Active mind

Creative ideas

Home schooling and Educational resources

For families including those with special educational needs and learning disabilities from Hertfordshire Families First

Learning and training – something different

Why not learn about something you don’t normally have the time or energy to focus on

Connecting residents and reducing isolation

Project ideas for your community



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